During the first meeting, I get to know your expectations.

Then we also define the scope of our cooperation. Based on these informations, I prepare and present an offer. Once it is accepted, I develop the concept and details of your ceremony. We choose the style and theme of the wedding. I suggest places where the ceremony could take place. I organize meetings with facility managers.

I’m drawing up a preparation plan.

I prepare a detailed budget and schedule. I introduce providers, review their offers, and verify contracts. I choose those who meet your expectations. I control the course of the preparations, remind about the set deadlines, make sure that the budget is respected. I am with you on your wedding day, responding to all crisis situations.

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Choose the offer that best suits your needs.

I have divided the offer into several categories so that you can more easily decide at which stage of preparation you would like to start cooperation. Nonetheless, regardless of the type of contract, I will do my best to ensure that you and your loved ones feel joy and comfort, and that your celebration leaves an unforgettable impression.

Comprehensive organization of the wedding day and wedding reception.

You don’t have time, you live abroad or for some other reason you can’t organize it? This offer is for you.

Partial organization of the wedding day and the reception.

Maybe you have always felt an organizational flair somewhere, or have you already started preparations for the wedding? This offer is for you.

Coordinating your wedding day and reception.

You have planned everything in detail, but you feel that this time must be yours? I will take care of your joy and peace. Take a look at my offer.

Wedding S.O.S

There is very little time until the wedding ceremony, or you want your wedding to be extremely fast? This offer is for you.

Selecting the place of the ceremony.

This is one of the most important elements of preparation, taking into account not only comfort, but also the style of your celebration. Take a look at the offer.

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We will organize something absolutely unique. You will enjoy yourself and I will work out the details. This offer is for you.


You are preparing a ceremony or you want to celebrate a meeting with friends in a special way? I will help you organize them. See the offer.

Animals at the wedding.

We have and love animals. We respect them and will do our best to make the celebration time stress-free for them. Look at the offer.


This is your time.

Cherish it. May these wonderful moments remain in your minds and the memories of your loved ones. A wedding consultant’s job is to constantly look for new solutions and ideas, but most of all to make you comfortable so that these terrific moments remain yours forever.

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