Who am I?

A person who finds satisfaction in organizing projects that require creativity and an idea. Certified Wedding Planner. The owner of the White Butterfly (Biały Motyl) brand, but also the AdRem360 brand. Privately a wife, mother of two sons and a lover of cats, in fact of all animals.

I am a graduate in administration, accounting and management. Everything I have learned so far in my professional life is that I need to approach new challenges with a smile. Then, everything seems easier. I also instill this positive energy in the people I work with.

How do I work?

I am captivated by the direction and pace of changing trends in the wedding industry. If you have an idea for a ceremony, I will listen to you and implement your ideas. If you don’t have your own concept I will inspire you and show you many possibilities. I always find a way out of situations.

I want you, with my help, to be able to take full advantage of all the novelties, be inspired by them, and thus feel even happier and more fulfilled. I see opportunities where others don’t. I have a creative approach to every project and I am perfecting it.

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Why makes me stand out?

I think analytically and I consider every available option and solution. I am most content when I am constantly learning new things. I like novelties that improve work and I don’t hesitate to use them. I give each idea a real shape, adapting it to your dreams, desires and plans.

I pay attention to the environment and I respect animal rights in my life. Hence my offer especially for your pets.

Why me?

Because I organize Happy Weddings 🙂

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