The role of a wedding planner is very broad, he is not only an efficient organizer of the ceremony, but also a negotiator, mediator, psychologist, screenwriter, stylist. All these skills are useful at a certain stage of wedding and reception preparations. Of course, many couples handle this challenge on their own, but if you don’t feel comfortable in this role, or don’t have the time due to an active work life or other activities, then you may want to consider this support option.

What involves the help of wedding planner?

  • It is of great importance to be able to take advantage of a proven supplier base and service contractors. Each consultant will present you with a few tried and tested solutions, ensuring that nothing will cause you any unpleasant surprises on the day. Knowing recommended solutions and proven service providers are definitely strong suit of a wedding planner.
  • By hiring a wedding planner, you can have guarantee of a harmonious course of the celebration. There are always emergencies to respond to. When hiring a consultant, both the bride and groom as well as their loved ones usually know nothing about them, enjoying time together. Everything’s happening somewhere next door and an experienced consultant can find a way out of many difficulties without involving the most important people on that day.
  • A wedding planner is a stress reducer. Of course it cannot be avoided completely – each person reacts differently in such unusual situations, but by taking over most of the organizational and formal matters and spreading them out in time, stress can be reduced to a minimum. Preparing for the wedding becomes an adventure instead of a string of problems and disputes.
  • A wedding planner’s job is to relieve the bride and groom of an excess of work, not to take away the joy of preparing for the wedding. Therefore, the scope of cooperation is always determined individually, in consultation with the young couple. If you wish to be guided through the entire preparation process by hand, a wedding planner will accompany you. If your wish is to prepare everything from start to finish and not involve you too much, the wedding planner works independently and only in the most important organizational elements asks you to decide.

When to start working with a wedding planner?

You can start working with a wedding planner at different stages of your wedding preparations. The offers are usually structured so that interested couples can find one that suits them best. However, in the case of the offer concerning the „Coordination of the wedding day and the wedding reception”, you have to take into account the time that is necessary to implement yourself in the process of preparations and get acquainted with selected companies – in that case, it’s as if you’re boarding an already accelerating train. It is comfortable to prepare a comprehensive wedding, it is advisable to start it 8-12 months before the planned ceremony. Then we have plenty of choice in contractors and time to plan all the necessary paperwork.

It is with full entrustment of preparation that the wedding planner can take full responsibility for the final result of his work. Of course, a skilful wedding planner can also handle difficult situations, when the wedding has to be organized summarily. Hence the often seen „Wedding S.O.S” offer. The important thing for sure is to call or write if you have any questions or uncertainties, the consultants will always answer questions and if they have a free date they will get involved.

What are the costs of working with a wedding consultant?

Salaries vary greatly depending on the region, city or experience of the wedding agency. The price range is not likely to be affected by the size of the celebration. Often the same amount of work needs to be done for a celebration for fifty people as for a wedding for one hundred and twenty people. However, we have to take into consideration that cooperation with a wedding planner often lasts from six to twelve months, so the rate we pay him is a compensation for his often yearly engagement.

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